7 Displayed notes that are not easy to read

These days, tools are widely available to read, check spelling and grammar, so misprints and grammatical errors must be good and truly a thing of the past, right?

Unfortunately, while grammatical programs are profitable, it is not sufficiently developed to detect all errors in a written document. And it’s probably gonna be a lot of time until

But we can’t judge. People are fundamentally flawed, especially when it comes to correctly reading something that we wrote ourselves

Because our brains are playing tricks on us, often to the extent that we just can’t see mistakes that can be quite obvious to expert proofs

You don’t believe me? Look at the following:

Almost all those who use social networks on a regular basis will see this meme at some point or in another

It’s a basic example of how your brain is playing with you. There are two things going on here:

  • These numbers are first and written in light color on a dark background, not in the dark light that we expected. These features suggest that the numbers are more important than the proposals that appear below them. So we’ll focus on the numbers instead of the text
  • The capacity of the brain for automatic correction forces us to read what we are
  • Moreover: 69 reasons

    Here’s another classic example:

    Or did you have to look twice?

    You can’t see? Look at this:

    Still trying to find the wrong one?

    How about a little help:

    Nine out of ten people will not be able to detect errors when they look at these notes

    It’s not because they’re idiots or their English skills are missing. It’s again because their brains have done a great job on their troc

    In fact, if you make these types of mistakes on a regular basis, you have to give yourself a big ass on your back for your superior brain power

    In an article that was published in

    When your brain starts to generalize sentences, you don’t really see what it says on this page. You don’t read anymore, you fill in the blanks. And that’s how mistakes made

    Certified proofreaders know how to make sure that the brain is in read mode and not in recognition mode. Look at them

    The difficulties you may encounter when you try to demodit do not stop

    Look at this:

    Again, most people will fight this seemingly simple task and take much longer to read these words than usual

    You have a Schrop effect to thank for that

    The effect of the Stroop is a perfect example of how easily our brain is confusing in reading

    So the qualified proofreader is struggling with this problem? Apparently not

    The following illusions emphasize why misprints and misspelled words are so hard to catch people who don’t have hard proof of proof

    If you really want to read your own writing, there’s a good chance you’ll be captured by this type of thing

    In fact, people finally stopped being able to stumble. The brain goes into recognition mode, and the errors are hidden in a larger sentence

    So, what makes the proofs like this special?

    In addition to knowledge and understanding of the English agreements and grammar rules, the proofreaders have not seen your work before. Thus, they read the text for the first time and are more likely to find the bugs you missed

    Below is an example for you

    The following sentence shows the number of Fs

    It is surprising that a large number of people get this right wrong

    You count six? If not, how did you miss so many phrases?

    There are two great explanations for this fascinating phenomenon:

  • It is very likely that you have read the sentence in your mind. According to
  • In this case, another explanation is offered
  • Still think reading is easy?

    The truth is that it is almost impossible to detect all bugs in your own record. You just can’t trust your own eyes and your brain

    It’s what’s here for Vappingo. Ours