[ Infographics] Help for the Picker Assembly: 7 tips on the importance of your creativity

A picker assembly is inevitable; it can happen at any time, and when it does, it’s a pretty big problem

There comes a time in the life of each writer when creativity, desire and motivation to create an amazing piece of literature just stopped working. You know that you need to keep writing: you have a deadline for your meeting, your readers are waiting for your next installments, or you know that Google will soon conduct your site in order to receive non-frequent content. But sitting in your desk, surrounded by empty coffee cups, a few pennilesses and snoring (it can only be me), you feel that it inspired the bend and, perhaps, just worn and smelly

Nothing comes to mind. You will write a sentence, delete it, and then record it again. You deleted it again. You’re all right and you’re really stuck. However, somehow, somehow you have to do something-an old “dog ate my homework” just doesn’t cut it here, but how?

At the beginning of my career, I choose the most difficult option, just suck it up. I was blessed by a mother who did not care very much about deep emotional debates or psychological games, and would welcome any reluctance on the part of me to carry out the task with immortal words, “just get along with him.” This may work in some cases, but as I progressed as a writer, I developed a series of techniques to work with a writer block, which can actually get creative juices, even if the flow is somewhat hung at times

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There is no law saying that your introduction, the author’s note or the preface should be written first. Yeah, maybe they should be the first in the final draft, but you can write them when you want to

If you’re stuck in the section of your novel, blog or essay, or something just doesn’t work, leave it for a while and come back later. He worked for Prince William and Kate Middleton

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Everyone knows that music can be inspirational, and many people think that little background music helps them support ideas and blinking the lights

I personally can’t handle background music. I can open a song and dance at any moment, disturb the aforementioned snoring dog, and throw away my trick. However, I want to take a break when I face the writer’s block and free one of my favorite melodrama. It gives me a chance to leave the table for some time and immediately clear my mind

I like coffee, and we all know that he can increase our vigilance for a while, but you knew that you were drinking coffee, and then immediately cut a short sleep, did you really take your creative and sick block? Yes, the scientists in the UK have shown that they are drinking coffee before starting a short, 15-minute snout can boost your productivity

Okay, I don’t mean literally (I’d like to get advice from Ashton Kutcher right now). No, I mean the known rates associated with your work, which inspires, angrily, or motivates you. If you can’t think of something to record in response to an operator that contains a personal emotional value, you can just be a lost cause

If your current workplace does not do this for you, step out of your ass and go to a different location. Library, lively bar, coffee shop, park … somewhere else, but where are you now? The change of scenery may simply reignite your passion and drive out your writer’s block, and if not, you can drink

If you don’t write a personal diary that he would like to receive, but you yourself, you may have an audience, and these people are waiting for something from you. Ask yourself what they want to know. This will help you focus on different perspectives and approach the topic from a different perspective

Sometimes you can be locked up in a free world, because you have other thoughts. Forget about the task to write about your thoughts. It’ll help you get rid of your chest and focus on your head. You never know, write what you think, maybe just do the revolutionaries

I heard about another method of beating a writer. Apparently Keith Richards wrote one of Rolling Stone’s greatest hits when he was like a kite. Rumor has it that he woke up one morning after a particularly wild party to find all the words written in front of him. However, if your picker assembly is so bad that you have experienced a serious temptation with this method, I think you may need more help than I can offer right now

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